Dear God no...as much fun as it would sound, I don't think I could bring myself to it. I cringe everytime I see a guitar get smashed at a concert. I just sit there and think, that could be mine! Don't do it!!!
Smashing a guitar is soooo 93...
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I would, but I can't afford to...
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No... Herman Li's just really good...

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I would only smash a Gibson ... I hate Gibsons.

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I'd never smash my guitar, it's a Squier but all the same, it's still my guitar and an important possession of mine.

Smashing it is just a bit lame if you ask me but each to their own.
you are only allowed to smash a guitar if you are jimi hendrix.
What about keyboards? Does anyone smash keyboards Rammstein style? I wouln't. I prize it more than my guitar.
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Me and my friends smashed up a classical guitar once... it was old and busted anyway.
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you are only allowed to smash a guitar if you are jimi hendrix.

...I don't think he ever smashed a guitar...
He sacrificed one by fire.
But, I don't believe he ever smashed one.
On-topic, I'd never smash any guitar that meant something to me.
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I'd never kill a guitar...I mean. It's like ..it has emotional value.


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I can see how that might have entertainment value to some, but to me it's pointless and stupid.
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