ok so what do you think is the best audio player for pc in terms of the quality of the sonic output? like winamp, windows media player , vlc and what not?
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voodoo child - jimi hendrix (good song by a crap guitarist)
nothing else matters - metalica (closest they'll ever come to true metal)
can't stop - rhcp (john is not god)
fix you - coldplay (the shredding is top)
iTunes is very good for keeping track of everything, but with Windows Media you have more options and you can download songs to more mp3 players. If you want to burn though, use Nero Express

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EDIT: Nero doesn't play songs, but it's better for burning than the other two.
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in terms of sonic output?

sorry, but that would depend entirely on your speakers and Soundcard. a £2 soundcard and cheap 1w speakers sound wank compared to a nice 2.1 system and a half decent audigy.

all the programs do is output the info. they all do it the same way.
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the best i've heard of are the newest windows media players. especially since you can go in and alter the EQ
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