ok, im learning highway to hell, and i'm onto the solo, but i've been completely foxed by what a release bend is, so what is it and how do i do it

an example from the song of where it does it


and between the (8) and the first 7 it has a little arrow

help neone?
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you bend the 7 up to the pitch of 8. then bend back down to 7

So, when I pick the note, is it already bent? Or, do I pick, bend, release?
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It's bent before you pick it. It's a little tricky at first, as you have to find the right pitch without hearing the note. But it gets easier in time.
you bend it up before hitting the note, then when you hit it, bend down.
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easy solution - listen to the bit it's meant to be....
there's your answer
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