OK so this is my attempt on the song Master of Puppets, from a couple of months ago... I already know i shouldnt have used alternate picking, but at that time i wasnt able to do downstrokes properly... So this is it, please comment and rate


Ive been playing for more than a year... oh and the mic's sound is a little crappy
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It's not bad, but you need some more practice with it. And as some guy said on youtube, your camera sounds like ass and a half
Thanks, though im planning on updating it when i find some time to learn the solo... ill also try to use a better camera
Not too bad. Tune your guitar next time though, and work on making those sloppy alternate picks downstrokes.
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The rhythm was ok, not great but neither "sloppy as hell" or something alike. The alternate picking on the verse riff took a lot of "heaviness" of the song, didn't sound that percussive as it should. The first solo wasn't good to be honest, you need to work on some vibrato (not every note, those that you can do it without getting off tempo) and the bending which sounded too flat. Practice it along with the original song to get the tempo right and you'll recognize any mistakes much better. Just keep practicing and you will nail it in no time, don't erase the video, keep it to compare yourself later when you get much better.
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