not usually my style of music, but i like it, youve got some really cool synth melodies going on there. everything from 3:00 and on is very good, great dreamy-floaty feeling. synth parts at 1:15 are awesome as well. my only crit is i thought some of the bleep-sounding slide effects were a little over the top in some places. all in all, nice stuff, keep it up
Don't know really what to think about this. Some of the parts are good, then again some of them are extremely cheesy and annoying. It's mostly because of the sounds you use. The melodies itself aren't that bad. I'd also concentrate on the drums in the background, cause on some parts they sound somewhat out of place. Getting a really good and catchy drumbeat is mighty important.

Anyway, it's a decent electro track. You need to keep working though and listen to a lot of electronic music. I think this track has potential, but it needs a lot of development. Keep it up and thanks for the comment!