for my history coursework i need to highlight why it is usefull to teach teenagers about the holocoust and also how it is flawed as a method of education (ive seeen the movie).
im doing fine, but can anyone give me some help/info/advice on how to make a kick ass pice o' work.

thanks in advance

If you teach them about the holocaust they won't want to go joining some of these insane white supremacist groups. And they'll learn to respect other religions and races.
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Im a junior in High School and I saw Schindler's List last year... Everyone in the world should be required to see that movie... It is the most powerful film I have ever seen...

Yes I agree that it is important to educate teens about the Holocaust and Nazi Germany... I have actually talked to people who had no idea about Hitler or the atrocities that he committed, true shit... I actually talked to this girl that didn't even know who Hitler was, like she didn't have any idea....

Its a sad state for America's youth... the education system is horrible... and apart from a few teachers who care, you will only get the bare minimum education that is mandated by the government... God help us.
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