How to get more sustain?? I currently have a Godin Freeway Classic running through a Digitech RP80 pedal and into a Laney HCM15R amp (habitually staying @ 1 volume.. off 10)

When I hit natural harmonics, they don't stay really long like Dimebag did or etc. How do I get a better sustain??
Note: Sorry if my grammar and/or vocabulary isn't very good, English is my 2nd language!

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higher gain, for sure. more treble. this may be a beginner thing, but make sure if you're playing natural harmonics to lift your finger OFF the string once you've played the harmonic.

some guitars have better sustain than others. A bolt-on neck tends to sustain less (i think) and a set neck (like on a les paul) allows for long sustain. The type of body wood on the guitar effects it too. Mahogany is known for great sustain...

but yeah... typically, higher gain gets a richer harmonic, and higher volume helps it last longer too. Try that.
If you really want sustain, neck-through guitars are the best in terms of that. Plus what they said- gain, volume, treble, high pickups, and some compression.
if you raise pickups too much, it'll actually kill your sustain. Raise or lower your pickups to find the sweet spot would be more accurate