Hi. I am working on a site for musicians similar to this for some time and one of the links in my site would be guitar tabs of course. Now the idea is for those tabs to be only guitar pro or powertabs, not textual tabs at all.
Now can someone tell me can I put those tabs on my site and will I have any problems putting those tabs on my site for people around the world to download them. Is there any legal permission for this or not and can I get in any trouble doing that. I don't know if ultimate-guitar have some permission for putting tabs online.
Well, it depends what country you're in. If UG was in somewhere like America, I think they'd get shutdown. But their servers are in Russia...

Lol, in soviet russia, server shut you!!!
1. If you're planning on making it be a big site (ie, compete with other tablature sites and actually get proper notice from guitarists) you will need some kind of licence from the RIAA or whoever it is you need to get them off. It will also mean that you have to pay for the use, if you don't get this you will be breaking laws and will get a warning followed by action from publishing representatives.

2. If you want to steal the tablature from here, you will need to ask permission from the people who wrote the tabs. It may not be the people that submitted them (some steal and put them on here). The tabs aren't written by UG, only uploaded onto it's servers to provide the service.

3. I'm going to have to close this because I don't want to come across as a traitor, but yes, you'll come across a load of difficulties if you want to start uploading tabs to your site. Fortunately for UG the advertising generates enough to pay for the licence, but there are increasing amounts of pay-per-tab style websites.
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