Critting The G minor one.

bleh at the bad midi sounds. Very pretty though.
Kind of baroque in a wierd way?
Very dissonant beginning, Hoping that you'll resolve it, cause it would sound amazing to change this to major at a perfect moment.
Hate the sound, but I like this peice a bit, not the most melodic thing in the world, but it's passably pretty, not amazing.

Overall just, work on the sound if you can, add more stuff, layer more, cause it sounds best when there's a lot goign on, and i really like the changes you make. However, it does still feel like it needs a stronger bit of melody in it, but i like it.

Crit for Crit?
Quote by PooKoo
bad midi sounds.

Argh! For the love of god, MIDI is not sound or anything audble. It's goddamn communication protocol! The output device is what creates the sounds.

Anyway, listening the G-minor piece. I like this a lot. The atmosphere is very dark and haunting. This definitely has a baroque feel to it. I don't really have anything to complain about. It's a good piece, develop it more, add a huge climax and whatnot. I also suggest getting a decent plugin for the orchestral sounds. They're not that expensive. Good job!

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