Hi I'm looking to get a first electric guitar after playing the classical guitar for 4 years. Has anyone got any strong recommendations? I'm considering either a Yamaha Pacifica 112 or a Vintage V100, two different styled guitars I know. Also being a guitar novice can someone explain to me the difference to the sound of a guitar with a tremolo arm and a guitar without one, and the difference in sound of having a single coil pick up and a double coil, and any other obvious things when it comes to buying a guitar. Thanks.
The Pacifica 112 is often recommended as a great 1st guitar - UK price is about £140.

Also, the V100 is meant to be good for price but is about £180.

Others to consider are the Vintage TC200 - a tele style for about £120 or the Vintage VS6 - an SG style, again for around the £120 mark.

For the money they will all be good I think.

However, you say you've played the classical guitar for 4 years. Maybe you would be better off looking in the higher price range. It's not like you will buy it and give up in a week is it?
Can someone explain the difference in the sound of a guitar with a tremolo arm and one without? i.e. is the only difference between the V100 and VRS100 the existence of a tremolo arm? And I guess I could look at guitars at a higher price range, has anyone any strong recommendations for a guitar that's good value?
A tremolo bar allows you to change the pitch of all the strings at once. You can create vibratos and pitch changes using it. Van Halen and Hendrix used them a lot.
yamaha erg121. a very nice beginners guitar. comfortable neck and nice playability.

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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.


what style of music do you play?
as a rule single coils are cleaner and richer than humbuckers (double coil) which are brighter, and givea more "rocky" sound.
If you want single coils, go for the Pacifica 112, but it has a hb aswell. If you want hbs go for the pacifica 120
a tremelo arm makes no difference to the sound of your guitar while your playing normally. you use it to bend notes downwards. when you play a note that you want to bend down, you just hold the note, and grab the tremelo arm (sometimes know as the "whammy bar") and push the arm towards the guitar. This moves the bridge so that the strings are are looser. When you let go, the strings return to their normal pitch.

Normal tremelo arms are best used for vibrato, because excessive bending puts the strings out of tune. More advanced players may prefer what called a "floyd rose" which is a bridge and tremelo arm system that locks the strings and keeps their pitch. It is usualy found on more expensive guitars, but you dont really need one unless you just have to do rediculous down bends.

Well that was a big explanation of what realy is a simple thing - a stick that makes vibrato.
yep. i have standard trem, and did a downwards bend on the E-string of about a 6th, came back up and the e-string was a d-string