I've been researching, and finally figured out what wood my guitar is made of...
Turns out it's lime, I'd never heard of a lime body guitar have any of you ever heard of guitars made of lime?

I'm curious now what sort of opinions you have regarding this wood...
Like lime from a lime tree? Like the fruit? I have never heard of lime wood, let along a lime guitar.
Wikipedia informs me that there is no such thing as lime wood. Are you sure you read right?

EDIT: I was wrong, here you go.

"The timber of lime trees is soft and easily worked, so it is a popular wood for carving. The wood is often used for model building and intricate carving, and for making electric guitar bodies."

I've never heard of it before though.

My Guitars:
Fender Mustang.
Yamaha FG-413SL.
The guitar sounds great, nice soft tone. The pick ups are sorta cheap though, so I prefer to play without my amp sometimes:P

Aparently Bass Wood is a kind of lime
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