I used Elixer Nanoweb heavys (12-16-24*w*-32-42-52) on my 2 guitars, and when my new cort came, it was equipped with d'addario lights (10-13-17-26-36-46). I used to like the heavy strings but since playing the 10s, (and after losing my calouses, lol) i really really like them. but i dont kinda want to go in the middle, becuase i do drop tune, and the strings will be put in CGCFAD. So im wondering if there are any string packages that you guys know of that are gauges 10-49 with a wound g string, cuz i love having that, or am i gunna have to mix and match. also brand doesnt matter, but i do like the d'addarios. the Elixers were nice too, so either of those brands prefferably.

and last but not least. which type of string is best for harmonics? like which size is best and which material, such as pure nickel, or nickel wound steel, etc.

thanks in advance.
Do you just want a nickel-wound G string (just one string)? I wouldn't recommend having different types of strings if so, because that particular string will sound different if placed next to a pure steel one, for example.

Personally I'm quite against the nickel-plated strings, I just don't like the tone.