Hey guys. I don't remember when I recorded this song... I woke up this morning and it was on my computer. Girl who slept over last night said I recorded it then, but I can't even remember doing it. So anyways, this is a song I recorded, and wrote while I was drunk...

So anyways, it's at http://jiggychicken.dmusic.com It's called She said father you left me. It sounds a little rough in terms of timing in some spots, but I'm just looking for some overall critiques.

No word is an unkind word, let me know what you think folks.
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I like it, not such a fan of your vocals though, need to be a little warmer and less piercing, and the dynamics need sorting out. The lyrics are decent as well. The vocal harmonies sound nice. I really like this. ACtually, as I get closer to the end of this song, the more I really like it.

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i think the vocals would sound fine if recorded professionally. its kinda like dashboard/blink 182. i personally dont like either those bands but good job keep it up.
Damn, can't anyone figure out that you can do so much more stuff with an acoustic besides strum some chords? You sound like your balls have been removed. Cool song, good effort.