o.k. I just bought a guitar its a affinity series tele. http://www.squierguitars.com/products/prod_images/guitars/0310203550_xl.jpg I fell in love with its looks (butterscotch blonde!!). Now I cant afford a american tele but I want the sound, do I need to install body ferrels and thru body bridge and upgrade the pickups and electronics? The guitar actually felt better than the am. strats and teles in the shop at the time (the fret edges in thoes were rough and had sharp edges ).
My question is , what can I do to modify it to be more like the american tele?
1.do I need to install body ferrels and thru body bridge ?
2. upgrade the pickups and electronics?
3. what model fender tele pickups sound the best?
4 are GFS pickups good to install or stick with fender?

I dont want my tele to sound like a les paul or a dimebag guitar , I want it to sound like a Tele!!! so the pickup thing is getting me confused , GFS shows they have vintage,overwound,texas wound??? are these gonna sound like a tele if I install?? I know its alot of questions but I love the guitar and love to upgrade it to as close to a regular tele as possable. Any advice would help cause I'm clueless!!!! LOL thanks in advance guys.
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yeah. All those pu's will sound like tele's. SRV uses a over-wound/texas mix pu. (He uses a strat, but that's just to give you an idea to what those may sound like)

Firstly though, upgrade your pu. Don't worry too much about the string through body idea. pu's will define your sound the most. Now if you want a real fender... then sand off the Squier logo, and get a print of the Fender headstock design & serial #.

(some people notice a difference in tuners too. Just so you know.)


Trade in that guitar into a GC for a real Fender. haha, those bastards don't know a thing about guitars. They'll be like...

"ZOMGZZZ @noth3r F3nd3r 4 s@l3!!!11!!!1!1one!!!"
Will says:
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I don't know if I can help it.

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guitarjunkie thats halarious.LOL

WILL MINUS thanks for all that info. do you think the GFS pickups are a great deal better IYO than the stock squire ones??
has anyone compaired the squire pickups to the fender tele pu's what big differences is their? Thanks
Guitarjunkie, SRV used the original single coils that had somehow(idk how) become almost half demagnitized.
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They couldn't be worse. Most lower end guitars have sub-par electronics, so go for it.
Will says:
- SmarterChild - says:
I don't know if I can help it.

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Drilling and installing string ferrules require some level of savviness with woodworking tools. If you got it, go for it!

Otherwise, and specially if this is your first modding project, it's probably best to go for the easy wins first. The cool thing about those various GFS PUs is that they're so inexpensive. If they suck or not what you were expecting, they're so cheap anyway. Otherwise, if you want to play it "safer" go for the name brands typically associated with Teles.

I agree that the Butterscotch Blonde is sexy! And the Affinity is an awesome platform to launch mods and upgrades. Good Luck!


I wouldn't do the string through, I wouldn't want to try drilling those through finish and risk damaging it. But chuck somen new electronics and tuners and you've got a decent guitar.
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thank you guys for all the great advice(with the exception of guitar4lif3, the new guy in my ignore list) I really appriceate the advice. I'll upgrade the electronics and get to pickin.
hey man, i would upgrade the pots, wiring and selector switch as well. they are pretty poor with the stock squiers. if youre popping in new pickups, it will make a large notable difference.
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sorry for hijacking, but out of curiousity, do you guys have any tips on soldering components when their not in a perfboard? like for instance, i wanted to replace my pots and stuffs, but i have such trouble with the soldering. any noob tips?