Can anyone help me find a video on you tube or something that would help me out with playing thunerstruck, I've looked, but I've found nothing, I'll keep looking, I just want some help.Maybe I've just been looking in all the wrong places
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I had a lot of trouble too, you need to pick a method to work on and stick with it, either one handed tapping it (which i do) or trying to pick every note.
I don't know of any videos, but just try to one hand tap it, and when you pull off, pull extra hard to get the open string to ring out.
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On the recording, Angus picked every note to get a clean sound, but he put tape on the other 5 strings to prevent them from ringing out. I'm not sure how he plays it live.
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In every live DVD of AC/DC I've seen (and I own most), I've always seen Angus play Thunderstruck by picking every note. The discrepency is in the music video, when he pulls off every note with one hand. I know both ways to play it, but i prefer to pick it.
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i lightly hold all of the strings other than the b string with my picking hand, and play it with the hammer ons and pull offs. works really well.
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