i have an old 80s bc rich assassin/gunslinger and im thinking of selling it. im just wondering if anyone knows how much i could sell it for. the guitar doesnt have all the original parts though. it has a custom neck and it has had some work done on the floyd rose. it has two single coil pickups and one humbucker, and it has a multi colered crackle paint job. so if anyone has an idea of how much it would be worth, please tell me!
hmmm... That's the hollowbody model, am I correct? Guitars like that aint so common, so tend to be highly valued Edit: No it's not lol. But I think it's still a rarer one, 'cause it's not a funked out shape.

However, be sure it's not Class Axe era B.C.R. Apparently they suck and no-one wants them. I think there is like a list of serial numbers you can check on the B.C Rich site too. Good luck.
Got some pictures? (I actually don't know much about B.C Rich, but I wanna see :P)
If it's a gunslinger and you're selling fro the right price i might buy it. PM me
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