My friend has a digital recorder and we've been trying to record some stuff off of our guitars but right now we can only hook up our jack cables to the machine and it sounds horrible compared to the way it would sound if we were playing through amps. How do we hook up the recorder to come out of our amps so we can get the exact same tone as we play normally, instead of having to use the bad preset distortions and tones on the recorder? I'm almost positive that you need a different cable to record instead of a jack cable but I may be wrong on that. Any help would be appreciated.
mic the amps, or if you have a line out on the amps, take a cable from the line out jack to the recorder. What kind of recorder do you have, so i can get a better idea of your set-up?
You need a pre amp, or use the line out or mike the amp.

Personally I find that the best recordings are miked.

Useing a line out for recording is like useing a modeling amp for tones, it works but it's not the best.
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