ok, ive saved about £150 for new multi-effects unit, but now i need to decide which one to get.

I've been looking at the Korg AX1500G
Korg AX3000G
Line 6 FloorPod
Boss ME-50
Digitech GNX2

Any Ideas???

i have the digitech gnx4 and if its anything like the gnx2, its deffinatly worth buying
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I have a Boss ME-50...and don't play without it...
Axe FX 2
Matrix GT1000FX
Mesa 4x12
Behringer FCB1010
well u could buy a all in one.....


theres a company called behringer that sells realll cheap sperate pedals. there only £15 each!! u can also get a board that u can plug them all into for bout £70. this is probly better coz not only will it sound better, ull have more choice on what ones u want on, more effects on at same time, and also u have the space if u want to get new ones in the future.

umm, yea, iv had bad experiances with behringer so im not taking that route, thanks anyways though...

has anyone got any experiances with the Korg units??