well, i've been searching the web for a wiring diagram to mod my tele and have been unsuccessful, so here's the deal on what i need-
SD hot rail in bridge, SD single coil in neck; id like to wire my tone knob to be a humbucker roll off knob.
my local guitar store owner referred me to the SD website, but that was of no help.

thanks for the help.
What do you mean by humbucker roll-off?
Will says:
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I don't know if I can help it.

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the hotrail fits into a single coil slot.

i mean that when the tone knob is rolled off, the humbucker is split into a single coil.

so full tone = humbucker, full roll off tone = single coil
all i know is that the hotrail fits into my tele bridge plate =D

is that what its called? i cant find it anywhere... i've considered the 5-way switch/split design which seems interesting, but i'd like to try the spin-a-split first. can anyone link me to a diagram?
Well, okay..I just think that if it's a normal Hot Rails...You'll have some mounting problems, if you have standard Tele bridge. There's a Tele HR...so maybe you have that and just don't know any better.

Just made one.
Hopefully it makes sense to ya.

There's no tone control on this layout.
Also, ground everything to one point.
Ignore the bit about the red and white wire getting taped.
What benefits does one ground point have?
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