i thought i wud step down from my usual metal attitude and do something else..beyond my influence

so here are few thing i did..kinda amatuerish, and sloppy playing i might add..but still will be greatful for ur comments


well yah
the guitar sort of sucks...when it comes to tuning esp...like it gets out of tune, when i m not even done with a single solo.
hey man first of all i would like to say thanks for the crit on mine...

Now your songs are pretty sweet. Yes, they do get a little sloppy at times, but i think if you tightened them up, they would be some pretty cool tracks. I was going to make a metal band like that, but it didnt quite work out. Keep doing what ur doing and tell me if you ever get any new ones up, i'd love to hear em.
first off, thanks for the advice and everything.

it's not really what i listen to, but it sounds pretty good from what i hear. it could be better, but its not bad.
I gave Sad return to my bi.. a listen to. im liking the way the riff is sounding man.
intro has a real Jerry C feel to it.
Long Live the Shred!
one thing i know is that you play really ****ing fast. yeah i like your songs. seems like that in one song your guitar is out of tune, but that doesnt matter. yeah i like your songs although i'm no fan of metal, trash etc. i really liked the first one. cool playing.................keep it up and rock on ok?.and oh i forgot: thanks for the crit