alright, after many threads i decided to get the Vox V847 instead of the dunlop crybaby. Only to find that the Vox is much more expensive than i thought. At the only music store in my city, the Vox is $149 (regular $279) and the Crybaby is $95 (regular $174), my budget is about $100 and i was wondering is there anywhere where these pedals are cheaper? i checked out music123.com and musiciansfriend.com and the prices seem almost too good to be true, do u have to be a member or somthing??
the vox you found was the clyde mccoy wah
its a little more vintage voiced than the v847 and costs $150 as opposed to $100 for the v847

the problem is that the regular v847 has been discontinued because the updated version of it, the v847A is being released in april

you shouldnt have problems finding the regular v847 though
most shops should still have it


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on the site i was on for LA music the price for the V847 was $145 (on sale) and the clyde mccoy wah was even more, maybe that store is just overpriced,
that store is way overpriced then
check your local stores

musiciansfriend.com doesnt have the v847 anymore
because of the update...


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france is laaaaame

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I got my V847 for just about $100. Anything much more is a product of a really freakin' miserly store owner.
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Wow, you must live in a really cheap area

Try looking in other stores.

Nope... sounds like he just lives in Canada. Canada's music stores (some aren't as bad though) mark up their prices really high. When I was in the market for a strat I couldn't find one MIM that was under $525 (and almost none of them were set up properly), a JV sig strat was about $700... and again not set up right. The prices over here are just outrageous overall, but we do have some good stores.

Did you try it/like it... if so, than just buy one off eBay.
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earlier i got those prices off of thier web site but i just got back from the store to find out that the crybaby is $129 and they didnt have a vox but they could order it (they didnt know the price either). I didnt try it but that ebay idea sounds smart, but id prefer it new and im uneasy about ebay (never used it).
You can still find new FX on eBay..... I bought some FX pedals off eBay, and my Fender Blues Jr. it's a great market for guitar related equipment.

Just try out what you want at a store first to see if you like it, than buy it from eBay.

You gotta really look at the persons feedback though, don't just look at their %'s and number of sales. Look at all the comments, and negatives carefully.

I also try to stay away from big power sellers cause they do sooo much business sometimes the negative feedbacks have no effect on their % of positive feedback. take this person I bought from a while ago who is a terrible person to deal with... he has 184736 sold items and has a 98.2% positive feedback, but he also has had 127 negative feedback and 201 neutral feedback in the past month, and in the past year he's had 1722 negative feedback, and 2317 neutral. That's a pretty big gap to get stuck in IMO.

eBay is a great place to buy stuff cheaper... you just have to learn who to buy from.
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