theres this girl i like, and shes like a year older than me.
We have all that there is to have in common: we like the same humur, we like the same movies, were both musicians, we live close(....) and more...
allthough i only see her like two days a week, for a couple of hours, i feel like we really conect. + and we talk on msn quite often...
i really think im fallin for her, but i dont know if she feels the same, i mean, she is a year older, and in a different school as i am, im 14 shes 15, im in 9th grade shes in 10th, but when im with her, its like were best friends.

i dont know how she feels about me, and im afraid to tell her how i feel because it will probebly wreck our friendship..

please good people of UG, what shuld i do???!!!

jozef(the great)
Erm... shouldnt this be in the relationship thread?
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you call that deep shit... zomfg
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ask her out. you aren't revealing your feelings for her and you'll get a good indication of whether she's interseted
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youre not in deep shit at all, its not like youre on the run from the fbi or something.
but on topic, i'd say go for it if you really like her its worth the risk, no?
Deep shit?

Dude, you could swim through this with a snorkel.
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Just tell her?.

Dunno', from my experience when you're in highschool its basically guys that go for younger partners.
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