hey guys, can you give me some interesting and great sounding sweep picking arpeggios, some also that include some tapping so i can expand my shred knowledge? haha thanks!

i dont feel like spendin an hour tryin to tab this down so ill tell ya where to get it

my favorite sweep run is in HOLY WARS by megadeth

look it up on this site, you may have to scroll down a bunch since there's alot of riffage first and a spanish guitar solo, but you'l find it, it's pretty sweet

good luck
if you sweep the chorus arpeggios of Beast And The Harlot by Avenged sevenfold up and down instead of just up, it's a great little lick.
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"One does not simply sweep A major 7!"
I have some sweep picking runs on paper I could scan for you if you want.
Try the intro to The Glass Prison by Dream Theater. Its not got any tapping, but its still bloody hard sweeping :p
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Altitudes by Jason Becker. It's easy and it sounds good, check it out.

Easy by whos standards? Rusty Cooley's?
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Easy by whos standards? Rusty Cooley's?

Talking of Rusty, check out some of the passages in "Under The Influence" or "Riders" from his band Outworld.
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End sweep solo for Selkies the endless obsession by Between the Buried and me, it goes on for about a minute of continuous sweeping, with taps on the high E string in the middle of each 5 or 6 string arpeggio. You'll have your work cut out for you, since sometimes he throws in multiple taps. Good luck bro.
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