Alright so i need some new stings and picks. I bought just the cheap/basic stuff before but i tryin to find somthing that suits my style more. I play pretty much any and all metal. I know that thicker picks are good for the alternate/speed picking style of metal so i bought some fender heavy picks but they are way too thick (1.14mm) I know pretty much nothing about different strings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I'd go for D'addario 10's with a wound G, 13's, and just about anything in between, and 2.omm picks, personally. But everyone has different preferences.

Try a 1mm pick and maybe 10's.
Try a Dunlop Jazz III pick, they will never leave you once you pick them up.
A pick is prettymuch a pick. the only big difference is thickness, and some other minor differences. Really, beyond thickness, the pick really doesn't affect the sound of the guitar all too much. If you're a good guitarist, you should be able to play well with a penny.
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Do you play leads? Do you downtune? That would be useful when it comes to strings.
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i cant beleiev you are asking what strings ans picks to use.
its all personal opinion
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