I'm looking for a tube amp for good cleans and possibly a little overdrive to play a strat thru for cleans, more on the sparkly side but still want some punch, projection, and depth.

looking at these right now (also gives you and idea of my price range)
Epiphone Blues Custom
Epiphone Valve Standard
Peavey Valve King 112
Fender Blues Junior
Fender Pro Junior
Vox AC15CC1 Custom Classic 1x12
Vox Valvetronix 30W

what of these? any budget-friendly options that i havent listed?
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I'd lean away from the valveking and valvetronix. I have the valveking, and the cleans aren't as good as the other amps you listed. Also, if you can afford a blues jr, there's no need for a pro junior to be on that list. I reccomend the Blues Junior or the Vox AC15.
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Hm, I've never played any of them, However, i would imagine, The fender or the Vox AC would have the better cleans. The peavy would probably be the heaviest, out of them all, in terms of tone and distortion.
if you want real clean sound, take fender!

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yeah, second all the fender stuff. that's a great blues amp, and can handle light, jazzy distortion quite well.
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i'd say a vox ac30, if you can stretch to it... i wasn't too impressed with the ac15, but I hear from gabel that it needs to be up louder to sound good.

most of those should be ok, more or less... best bet is to try. add some laneys to your list if you can find them too- the vc series, most likely. And traynors, the ycv series.
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Voxes have stunning cleans - warm, yet sparkling, and loads of depth. Turned up a little, you get amazing tube distortion - the Stones and beatles to Queen levels. Great for blues especially.

Fenders have a more scooped (less mids) sound to their cleans - makes them warmer sounding, and bassier. Fender cleans I find are the absolutely best for the muddy cleans found in jazz (Which I love)

For pure punch, and sparkling clean tones, with lots of depth - Vox AC15 without a shadow of a doubt.
ive listened to em all and u guys helped out a ton! thanks so much

now its between the Fender Blues Junior and the Vox AC15
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I'd say Jazz chorus has one of the best cleans(if not the best) that I've ever heard.
Ignore the Valvetronix, Valveking and Pro Jr, and then try the remaining amps out in a shop.
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