I am going to sell my current distortion box and get on of these but I can't decide on whcih one to get. They are both about the same size and they both sound like good quality distortion boxes. thank u.
ive heard them both and i think the metal muff sound better, plus its got boost which is great and a full eq. but its expensive the mt-2 is great to, and they also make a new distortion pedal the mc-2 which is even better i hear
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I haven't played either, sadly, but from the review videos I've seen, I think the Metal Muff would be better.
Probably Metal Muff is better, but you should hear it first because it has a fuzzy sound that you might not like. I'd say the MT-2 is a safer choice just cuz of that, unless you hear the Metal Muff and actually like it.
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do a search, this topic has been beaten to death on this board!
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Metal Muff x100, seriously, play both together and watch the Muff completely dismantle the MT-2
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