whats a good distortion pedal to get some metal distortion, my amp just doesnt get it
digitech distortion factory, metal muff, boss metal zone or metalcore
You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
i was just gonne post this same thread........has anyone tried the digitech death metal? some people say its good others say it sounds like garbage.
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I haven't tried it, but I've heard alot of "OMG IT'S T3H SHIZNIT!!!" and alot of "It sounds like a garbage disposal packed with rocks."
Look at Digitech's demos on the official website. The Metal Master sounds really heavy ! never personally played any but I am now intrigued !
Don't but anything with the word "metal" in it, is a general rule of thumb.

Why can't you use that MXR pedal? It was good enough for Randy Rhoads...
try out the line 6 uber metal, my amp had pathetic distortion but with this pedal i can get so much more, get tones like lamb of god, metallica, arch enemy etc. its the best pedal ive ever played and its defiantely worth the money.

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I disagree, I've played with an uber metal and it just sounds like a Metal Zone with more knobs. So, fizzy, too much treble, and general crapness.
Trying searching, there are 1000+ threads exactly like this one!
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