I am currently in drop-c tuning and I need to study some awesome as Hell solos in this tuning.

I have been studying:
BLS - Suicide Messiah, Faith is Blind

but that is it so far...so any help would be awesome.
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Doomsday Jesus is pretty awesome too,thats drop C. Its not exactly the most common tuning there,a lot of metalcore bands and such (with very few solos) use this tuning....so i cant exactly help you out there. Ill look into too though.
Try a little bit of Atreyu. Bleeding Mascara is a good solo to learn in drop c tuning. If you are looking for something harder. If you are looking for something easy, Right Side of the Bed by Atreyu would be the way to go
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Atreyu - Ex's & Oh's.

An amazing solo IMO.
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its a freaking awesome song.

if you want a good tab to use, try mine
try the solo to 'Trashed, Lost & Strungout' by Children Of Bodom
that should keep you busy for a while
triviums-pull harder on the strings of your martyr, and yeah atreyu is great and so is bullet all of these are great solos to work on