I bought a line 6 amp from ebay and it came with a footswitch and a Morley Bad horsie wah pedal. when i used the pedal, it was really good. the problem was that it would not shut off. u can still hear the wah. i had to put my foot down on it to switch it off and play while my foot was on the wah pedal. is there anyway to make it completely off when im not using it?
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i think you have to push it down until it clicks, i dunno if that'll work on your morley, seeing as it does with dunlops. if all else fails, just send me it
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Yeah just push untill it doesnt work anymore.
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The Bad Horsie is a switchless wah, so just stepping off of it should turn it off.
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Yeah, people should learn about stuff before giving advices. Not every company copies Vox style ( Yes indeed, Dunlop hasnt invent the wah pedal, Vox did.)
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i made the rubber paddings shorter. it was thick before and i made them half the size. it works perfectly now.
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Just take your foot off it, because it;s a switchless wah

i guess u didn understood what i said before. when my foot was not on it, the wah was still on.