Heya, everyone! I currently live in Denmark, where the prices of guitars and amps are jacked up because of tax and lack of competition. Many amps are double the price of their american counterparts, according to what I've seen on musiciansfriend.com. So I am considering buying an amp in the UK, if I can travel down there sometime.

So I was wondering, what are the best online shops in England? Something with a website would be cool. I am looking for a Fender Reissue tube amp or so. Thanks!
try gak.co.uk or soundcontrol, they have good prices, and from what i hear, quick delivery. soundcontrol.co.uk send to denmark, dunno about gak though.
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Where's Englang?
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guitarampkeyboard.co.uk, i bought all my stuff off there
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Where's Englang?

OMG you live in englang!!! the prices down there are so cheap you know! try going Londov the prices there are great!
Englang is a magical land with faires and unicorns.. But I meant England.. :-D I can't order from the US because of the electricity difference! Trust me, I have looked into converters, but nothing is reliable.

Oh, and íf I order directly from anywhere, and the product is shipped in its packaging, then the border control will add tax to the item, and probably up the price of the item to protect the Danish market. It sucks, it happened when I ordered an Ipod. But if I can open it before I take it home, I can get it tax free ^_^

Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into them now!
guitarguitar.co.uk - Shops in Glasgow, Newcastle and somewhere else (forgot where now).
gak.co.uk - Online shop
www.soundslive.co.uk - Shop in Newcastle. Might be other branches somewhere, not sure.
Well, that GAK shop is just as cheap as Musicians friend.. Damn it, now I've got the cravings again. >.> Thanks, guys!
Definately GAK, cheapest around, they even have somethign where if you can provide a link to a price cheaper than one of theirs, they'll lower the price.. . .but i doubt you'd find one
Don't go to dawsons, i will have to agree with most people on here and say gak!
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