I came across a bunch of cheap guitars at music123.com today. Only 50 bucks each. Check them out. It's almost worth it to buy just so you can smash it at a concert or something.


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lol the electric pack looks so gay. Look at the design. It looks like a guitar hero controller.
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shoulda just called it
'holy shit'
and ended it lol woulda been the same those loook terrible
for only a little more ucan get a grg170 form ibanez an excellent beginner guitar in my opinion
Other crap they got for 50 bucks:


Hah hah, if the guitar playing isn't getting you laid, try a mandolin or ukele!


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A few of 'em rate pretty high on the rating scale (well, their's anyway). Who makes the Baja brand, out of sheer curiosity. I've seen the name before, but never paid it any attention.
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Guys you have to admit, that's an amazing deal. A brand new guitar and amp for 50 bucks? I wouldn't mind having one of those packs to fool around with, don't know about you.
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Quote by Pleiadian
Guys you have to admit, that's an amazing deal. A brand new guitar and amp for 50 bucks?

Two steamy turds for 50$? Awesome.
They'd be nice to practice rocking out with rather than accidentally trashing your good guitar.

I want to try to throw my guitar around my neck and catch it, but I'm scared for it's life.
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^Yeah that or, just buying the cheapest new parts and learning how to tech your own shit. Use it as a guinea pig.
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Guitar forum, thanks.


why not? it's about guitar gear and accessories, not playing guitar.
Banned and links deleted. Looking at the links, it looked like the type of thing where if you get people to click the link they give you money or something.

And make that closed too.

Charso, this form is Guitar Gear and Accessories, not Guitar, Gear and Accessories. ie. you talk about electric guitars in EG.
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