Is it just me or do phasers sound rubbish through an amps overdrive ? I have a Boss Phase Shifter and it sounds excellent through my Metal Zone, Dime Distortion and Double Shot Distortion. But when I use it with my DSL401 and my TS9DX Tubescreamer it sounds crap. Got a loan of my friends Phase 90 and Small Stone and they sound rubbish too. Sounds like a horrible, heel down wah sort of tone. But they sound great through the distortion pedals. Is there any reason for this ? A phaser is essential for me as it is an intro to one of my bands songs.
If you're running it into the input of the amp that'll be why. When you use a distortion into a phaser you'll be phasing the distortion sound, but when you run it into the front of your amp you'll be distorting the phased sound so it won't be the same. Try it in the FX loop.
I tried it the FX loop too and it sounded not much different, i should've mentioned that. I dunno, the Small Stone sounded better than the other's, but I ain't happy with it at all, it doesn't have that sonic effect that my distortion pedals create. Although the amp is at low volume, I can't crank it yet. Need to wait till practice next week.