hey heres a song i wrote, its my first one. i think that it might be wayy to ryhmy, but check it out and tell me wat sux about it. this song is supposta be about a person who is goin through hard times, and he is thinking of how he can have good times like he once had.

Ive been wondering my life
Thinking about my troubles and strife

I'm pondering the good times I once had
The time when i was always glad, yeahhh aa yeahhh

I know theres a spark of life still left inside
One day i'll find it, it cant hideeee

SOmeday I'll be me agin
Leaving behind this life of sin

(chorus) where the song gets more heavy
I, I just wanna break free
I, I just wanna be me

I have faith, I will see the light
I wont give up without a fight

U'll all see
I will break free
(end of chorus)

The good inside is now prevailing
While the evil is suked up, its slowly failing

These chains are finnaly free
Now i know that I am me

I feel like i have won this war,
Im finnaly the higher score
there pretty good. unless you have some exciting guitar parts i would add some more lyrics, like a bridge or something.
hey yea.... the "glad"verse does sound a lil gay ...... and I havent finished all of the lyrics...... but i dont know,....i think this song needs a hell of alot of work... but n e way i want your oppinions on wat u guys think i should change.....so keep tellign me wat u all think of it