Hi, I've noticed that a lot of ESP's lower end guitars are made of Agathis. (Viper 100 etc.) I was looking at the M-200FM, but it is made out of agathis. While the kirk hammet sig guitar of the same model is made out of basswood and is $20 more. I don't really like the skull and crossbone inlays, but should I still get this one because of the basswood?
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i say play them first. algee says that agathis is an alright tonewood, its better than some.
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since the m 200 or whatever is a neck through, the body wood wont make a whole lot of difference. it will make some but not that much.
and the kirk hammet is a bolt on whereas the m 200 is neck through
so go with the m200 its a better guitar
I played a Warlock yesterday made of Agathis and a King V made of basswood...the Warlock sounded brighter and the basswood sounded....well bassier actually.
I hate basswood with a fiery venegance. I wouldn't choose agathis over something like mahogany, but it wins this battle hands down.