1) I want to add a bit of boost and overdrive to my jazz solos, so if anyone could recommend a preferably cheap pedal for such an effect, that would be great.
2) My dad and I are watching some concert on tv... anyone know why the drummer is behind a plexi glass sheild?

thanks in advance
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I think a BOSS Blues Driver BD-2 or a Super Overdrive SD-1 will be good... Go try 'em out.
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as far as the pedal goes, i'd go with a boss OD-1...i'm not sure how much they are, and btw, the OD-1 is what i use with my jazz/funk band
I used to know a guy who played drums so hard that his cymbols would crack and pieces of sticks and cymbols would fly everywhere, maybe thats why?
Maybe so the guitar, bass and vocal mics don't get overwhelmed by the drums?
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Maybe so the guitar, bass and vocal mics don't get overwhelmed by the drums?

Thats it, it makes the drums quieter, they used to play them in my old church that way.
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I know when recording, that the plastic shield helps dull the bright attack of the snare and such. I guess the same thing would apply for live shows...
For a boost, maybe look into an EQ? It can boost volume, and sharpen your tone.
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Maxon OD-9's or OD-808's are pretty good price and are absolutely awesome-sounding. The sound you get for the price is astounding.

My drummer has one of those plexi-glass shields at his church where we practice and it is supposed to fix the acoustics of the drums and help separate the other members of the band so they can hear themselves better. Thats what he says anyway, his church bought it, not him.
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