---Some advice I ignore alot, so do many more people. So enjoy, I wrote this song for you.--

It's easier to take what they say, And nail it into your skull.
Then to take that shit and sit back and try to change yourself

you dont know...

what I had to do.

It's easier to sleep on it then to fix it.
If you dont mind, then I dont care.

It's easier to exscape from reality, then to face it.
Or find a place you can call your own

You don't know...

what kind of shit I had to pull

You dont even care.

It's so simple, to take a problem and **** it up even more.

you dont know...

the things I had to see.

you dont know...

Its easier to stand and defend your pride.
Rather then swallow its easier to take more bites.

its to bad you had to go last nite...

but I understand
Its somthing ill never do.
Because Im not that man
who would have done what you've done.

And I dont understand
It just get me down
I spilled some kind of flammable liquid that stains my soul

And you dont care, about what this put me through

But I guess you never cared.

Its easier to shed blood, then It is to shed lies
You know its easier to have your conscience eat you alive

or spread shame in your life

You dont know...

Shit about my life

I doubt you even care

The voice inside!
(eats you inside)
The voice inside!
(feeds your lies)
The voice inside!
(makes you feel good)
the voice inside!
(kills you)

Its easier to fight, then to walk away
its easier to listen to the voice then to walk away
Its easier to feel like shit, then to like alive
Its easier to find the blame if its not in yourself

You dont know...

You dont care...

you dont want to know.....

you dont....