I wrote this song last night and today for my band. The drum track was there for some ideas, but I'm not good with drums, so there are few drums.
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i reallly didnt like it dude, it seemed like you wanted it to be metal or something, it just sounded bad to me though. if it were me i would just start over but find a different way to make that chord progression sound better.
im gonna have to agree. it was really bland and repetitive. the chord progressions were really not good in my opinion and the solo thing sounded way out of key. The acoustic or clean guitar part was really really repetitive and out of place.

O and i must as what the riff at the verse was. it sounded like you were trying to be death metal but failed, it was way way way way to fast for any human to ever play, and if you wanted it to sound death metal or something not only would it not fit as it doesnt now but you would have to give it a progresion not just one note repeated at 64th notes (it doesnt even sould like a guitar it sounds like static at the speed you have at now)

If this is for the band i would say chuck it. Honestly i couldent even find a good idea mixed within all this mess. Sorry man