Well there has probs been threads like this but there was any new ones. Anyway what would be the greatest metal axe, say what you like. Alot of people seem to like Les Pauls and SGs, both Gibson. But is there better or are they the best? It will be interesting to find out.
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esp is very common in metal, as is jackson.
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i like old american bc riches.... i used to have one but it was stolen
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ESP DV8 Flying V or Jackson King V. Maybe the Jackson Rhoads.
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This might sound a tad bit noobish, but arent all axes made out of metal? except for i guess the hatchets that the indians used a long time ago, i guess those were stone or something.


With so many different styles, how can there be a "best" metal axe? Personally, I'm partial to the Peavey Rotor EXP, though it's certainly not the favourite of many others...

Les Paul has a cool sound too, I think.
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ESP and Jacksons are Metal Axes..... i love

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I would say an Ibanez RG or an ESP M/MH. Anything with a fast neck, 24 frets, two humbuckers and a floating bridge really. Going from a tecnical stand point at least. For looks V`s take it imo.
if you know there have been hundred of threads like this why didn't you just bump one?

and there is no "Greatest" metal guitar. There are favorite ones, but no one can safely say that one guitar is the greatest.

for me the greatest is my DV8-R. But i wouldn't mind having a jackson USA Soloist (drools)

or a RG Tremelo Prestige
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gotta go with the RR1
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