My friend gave me this laptop that he's had laying around for me to fix.. It had a password protection with Linux on it, and couldn't remember the password. I figured the easiest way to fix the problem was to format and install Windows XP..
So the formatting part was easy.. I completly formatted it and let it start the installation of Windows.

When it got to abour 34 minutes remaining in the install, the laptop shut down.. Well the screen went black, the keyboard wouldn't work, and it wasn't making any sounds. But the power light on the front was still on, and the CD drve would still eject.

I would shut off the laptop (the light was still on), and then I turned it back on.. The Windows XP screen came on, then it checked the hard drive for errors, after it came up.. "restarting setup..."

Everytime I let it go back through the setup it would do the same thing. I've tried formatting all different ways, pationing the hard drive different ways..

I don't know what to do.. Any held anyone could give me would be greatly appriciated.
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It could be several different things, so it's hard to diagnose what the problem is.

Is it getting incredibly hot? I had problems with laptops really overheating, which cause the components to expand and touch and the short circuit, killing the power. However if the light is still on, and the drive will eject, this may not be the problem. Honestly, the best bet would be to take it to a local computer store and see what they say. They'd probably fix it for under $100, depending on the problem. Or they atleast might look at it and give you an idea of the problem for free.
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