I've been wondering how to get the tone of hitting the bass notes on a grand Piano. I've heard this in a few songs, oh good example, Bassist from Guns 'n' Roses Knockin' on Heavens Door. Yeah but does anyone understand what I'm talking about, sorry can't think of a better example.

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Erm, i'm pretty sure that there's keyboard in that song...At least there should because they had a keyboard player
It's most likely a piano you're hearing.
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No, the actual tone of the bass sounds like a piano. maybe because my bass sound is so warm, just a thick wall of warm sound. Its hard to describe sound.

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Where in the song are you talking about? give me exact time in the song..

if it's in the break then there is a piano so it's probably that you are talking about.

A bass will never sound like a piano.
"Piano tone" on a bass is usually associated with a bass that has a very strong fundamental, very little 1st/2nd/3rd harmonic, and has slightly noticeable higher harmonic overtones. It still doesn't really sound like a piano, per se, it just has that clear, bell-like quality to it.

To be honest, if your bass doesn't naturally have that tone, you just can't get it (though you can try and approximate it by cutting the low mids quite a bit, scooping the high mids a tad, and boosting the treble very slightly...compression helps too). Boutique basses are sometimes said to have piano-like tone, which is usually a product of the rare woods and high-end electronics used.
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Sorry I'm confused, I think it's the sound of the pick that I hear, or the piano.

Edit: Actually I think what I'm hearing isn't the the pitch of or sound of the note, but the actual striking of the note.

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Regardless, there is such a thing that people want called 'piano tone' (just read the description of D'Addario ProSteels). canadianpunk071 gave a good enough description, but I've always been questing over Piano Tone, so I was wondering how that all translated to boosting/cutting what frequencies by exactly how much.
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New strings always help, also playing with a pick rather than fingerstyle.
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Interesting, because I almost favour the neck pickup completely and I get the sound I'm looking for. I just need the EQ on my amp to enhance it.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
Meh, this is why I have a 15" sub on my rig. I jsut boost most of the lower Bass and cut about 90% of the MIDs from it. On my high amp I carefully ajsut the highs. It isn't exactly the piano tone, and I kinda like it.

When your sub is only pushing frequencys under 80 Hz, your pickups sound really alike from that amp.
i would say maybe they are using an 8 or 12 string bass, seeing as pianos get that tone from multiple strings
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yea, in "wherever i may roam" jason newstead uses a 12 string bass in the intro, i heard the bass alone, and it does sound very similar to a piano.
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