Up in tin pan alley today just browsing the numerous guitar shops, and who was I to spot but Frank Carter from Gallows. Never heard the band before, but I have read quite a few articles in Kerrang! about them, and his face + tattoos are very distinctive. Sure, not that famous, but still someone.

So I was wondering what other famous people you guys + gals have seen out and about?
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SCARECROW of UG's Gotham City
Sissy from big brother (Cookie to anyone who remembers her)

And the actor who used to be in wire in the blood, he lives by me.
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My friend works at a cafe in Jersey where she sees Tom Kalnoky come in every few days with his gf. I also ran into Anti-Flag in a pizza parlor. That was very strange, but they're super nice.
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The professional wrestler Rhyno & his girlfriend/wife/whoever shops at the Kroger I work at alll the time. Real nice guy.
Also at Kroger, when Detroit was hosting the SuperBowl, players from both teams shopped there a lot.
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Looking for a drummer in the Detroit, MI area
PM if interested!

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin ) used to live in a small town about 10 miles from the city i live in, so we'd sometimes see him walking around there minding his own business so we generally left him alone, but i was a bit too young to remember it...

once, not realising who it was we said "hi" to him thinking "he looks familiar" lmao.
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i live about a 10 minute walk from alto music which is one of the largest guitar shops on the east coast so i run into famous musicians all the time

doyle from the misfits autographed my skateboard one day when i came out of guitar lessons when he was there renting an amp before a show, he was playing with danzig that night

oh and i ran into most precious blood there
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JIm mora (ex falcons coach) came to my register at publix...yeah thats all i got
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Sissy from big brother (Cookie to anyone who remembers her)

And the actor who used to be in wire in the blood, he lives by me.

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When I was backstage meeting Nickelback at the their show with Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin I left the meet & greet with Nickelback early because it sorta blew, and I ran into the drummer and guitarist from Three Days Grace. I didn't know who they were(I'd listened to the music but never seen them before, and it was before their set) So, I randomly asked if there was anything to drink back there, Barry(the guitarist) gave me a cup of apple juice. I told him apple juice is the best invention known to man and he agreed with me, so I got a free autographed tee shirt. Score.
My friends dad sells relic guitars and the other day he got to go back stage with Paul Weller and Oasis + He jammed with the the charlatans. He's also played the guitar which Keith Richards played satisfaction on. He's pretty cool but he shows off alot cuz he gets around so much.

Not coincidences but still cool lol

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Oprah at a gas station on the way to Big Sur out here in California. Turns out, Steadman was in front of my dad in the bathroom line.

Steve Young at a golf tournament.

Stone Sour at a meet-n-greet. Kinda lame, but cool nonetheless.

My friends talked with Chad Grey from Mudvayne, Fieldy, Jonathan Davis, and Munky by the tour buses after the 10 Years/Mudvayne/Korn show in Sacramento. I had to leave early though. My dad was being a wusswipe that night.

They also hung out with all of Machine Head by the buses because they left the Fresno show early because they don't like Lamb of God. Their band is called VIM, so it meant a lot to them. They were hangin out for about an hour, too. I didn't even get to go to that one because my dad was being a bunghole then, too.

Oh, and my friend Bret met the big huge guy from Happy Gilmore at the airport in Washington, DC. You know, the one with the nail in his head.