No matter how many years I work on it or how well I know the song, I cannot play and sing well. I can play well, and I can sing well, but I can't do both at once, and I would like to. Does anyone have some useful tips for me?
Ok, heres my tip:

I can do "OK" while strumming and singing, but when it comes to picking, it gets kinda ugly. Less now that before and here's the reason. I realized that I must learn the song so that I cna play it with my eyes closed, and everything. And when I try to do both at the same time, I don't concentrate on playing guitar or singing in particular. I try to make it all mix into the song. Dunno if this helps. Good luck!
I used to have that problem, but I just kind of kept doing it, and when I had learned the song really well on guitar, it started working. It's better to concentrate on one or the other while you do both, cause if you concentrate on both that's where you run into trouble.
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pratice talking when you are playing. when i jam with my mate we just chat to each other loads. this helped me loads. i think i read that tip off another ug user.
try to memorize the way the words sound in relation to the guitar. So instead of thinking in your head, this is the guitar, this is the vocals, try to remember it as one track. By that I mean, notice what words come with what change ups, stuff like that. Hope that helps
im with Shorrock, thats how i learned to do it, i just kept talking while playing, it really helped alot
I think i can help, i play drums, as well as guitar, bass, and keyboard, and this should help alot. While at one of my drum lessons, my teacher was like, it seems you have this down well enough, however can you read a book while playing, and i tried it and failed, now i can do it for the most part. Anyways, try reading out loud while playing, soon youll be able to do your guitar rhythm and sing at the same time, i hope i helped.
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Psst...There's an article on this in the MT Sticky. A helpful one at that.

I quite agree

Funny how just tonight I was leading worship at church by playing guitar and singing.

However I dont deal to much with rhythm in that article. But really tap your foot and feel that beat. I assume you are a better guitarist than singer, as are most people on this site, so almost let the guitar do the talking. When you are chording, find a good pattern that will help the singing. For a slow song, a slow strumming will do, and for fast, a fast strumming will help the singing.

It definitely takes practice, but another trick I do is to have passion for what youre singing. You have to believe what you are singing, almost like it is who you are. I get that from the worship music we sing. Im obviously Christian, and what I sing is obviously what I believe, therefore I can just praise and let my guitar and voice free.

Thats why I always tell people (if they are Christian, and I have no idea about you) to try out praise music because it is so easy. Its like 3 chords, with a simple melody.

So i hoped I helped here, likely not as rhythm is kinda something you have to learn on your own, but good luck!
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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