I really need to build right hand chopage. I know, I know "use your metronome" but I really don't know how. What are some things that I can do with this little annoying box that will help build my picking hand.

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You should always be working both - there is no point having a blistering right hand if it cannot co-ordinate with the fretting hand.

You know what to do brother - practice starting slow and build up over time. No secret - just plain boring scales, arpeggios and chromatic runs.
One piece of advice--get a metronome that you can hear over yourself. My first electronic one was so soft that getting my timing down with it was hard. I actually prefer the old manual metronmome that I've had since the dawn of time. Yeah, it needs to be wound up, but its hard to ignore.

Set it slow and work up to speed in baby steps. Its time-consuming and numbing at times, but god it pays off quickly.

Another alternative, if you have Guitar Pro is to download the Bass exercises from a few weeks back and use the loop speed trainer. This option in the software works great when learning songs as well.
Other than whats been said, a good tip for hearing a metronome over yourself is most of the electronic ones have headphone outputs. If you stick some headphones in there and put them on you here the metronome clicking right in your ear and then you can still play your bass out of you amp. It's what I do when I need it for playing sax with a metronome because it's literally impossible to hear over it. Anyway scales, arpeggios, and the song Scars by Rush.