I'm pretty sure the pot for the volume knob for my bridge pickup on my bass is dead. Approximately, how much would it cost to replace and install a new one if I were to take it up to a shop? Would I need to buy a new one and then take it up to them to install it, or could I just take it up to them and ask them to fix it? Also, are pots universal or are there seperate kinds for guitar and bass?
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Dead? Hardly. Open her up and see if it's just a wire/solder joint come loose. You should be ble to do it yourself extremely easily (that's if you have a soldering iron). A new pot should be well less than a pound, and it's extremely easy to install. Under 5 minutes at the maximum for somehow who's never used a soldering iron before. Let the guitar shop know you aware of how cheap and easy it will be to fix, so they don't try to rip you off.
None of the wires seemed loose when I opened it up earlier....and I have no soldering iron or knowledge of soldering. I would rather not do it myself in fear of messing up something that cost me a lot. I think I'll make a haul, and take it up tomorrow. Thanks for the advice. I only have about $25 as of now, will that be enough to replace and install it?

EDIT: I see there are 250k and 500k pots. Which ones do I need for an active fender jazz bass?
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I think that you want 500k, Or perhaps 1M for bass. bass frequencies are the main thing, but the 250k will take away a lot of vital treble, muddying the sound. Jazz bass use concentric pots, which are harder to wire. Forsaknazrael can help. Will_minus too.
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Passive basses use 250k pots. Not sure about actives, but I'd assume the same. It should say on the bottom of the pot, but it may be covered by solder, so you might needa look at one of the other pots.
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Anyone who should be working on this stuff is likely to have it on hand. They may be out from time to time, or your bass may use something odd, but expect them to have it. Get used to a range of $20 - 30 in labor and $5 - 10 for the part. Might not be the pot. they rarely just go completely open. They usually get and stay intermittent and noisy