Okay. My stepdad says that if I have all A's this 6-weeks he'll buy me a new electric guitar...WOOHOO!

Soooo....I've been searching around, and i think my heart is set on getting a Schecter S-1. I want something thats lightwieght, can have a really chunky, but also tearing-high-pitched sounds.
Should i get the S-1? or an Epiphone? i think his max payment is $600. but maybe $500. I dont know, but...does anyone own an S-1 here? If you do, can you give me a rundown on things?
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I would definintely get the Schecter, its a really great guitar, and seeing as you like avenged sevenfold, you seem to be in luck. As you probably already know, Synyster plays a Schecter.
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I know all the specs to Avenged Sevenfold, man.

Syn plays his Schecter syn custom and some occasions plays a Schecter C-1

Zacky V. plays an S-1, an S-1 elite, a tempest, his custom, and the S-1 bada-bling but...yeah...i think im going wiht the Schecter S-1...but now that i think of it, i might go with Zacky V's standard custom. but...idk.
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just not an epiphone^^
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well, I've actually never used or had any experience with an epiphone, so I cant speak about that. But I have used a schecter c-1 hellraiser and a schecter c-1 plus. they are great. I'd go with schecter.
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you should just play around and find a guitar you like.

just because avenged sevenfolds guitarist likes schecter doesnt mean you will
No, I want a Schecter, I love playing them. The store in Jacksonville is stocked with just about every Schecter made, haha.
Ive been searchign around more on Musiciansfriend.com and im acctually going to go with the Schecter C-1 Floyd Rose, instead of the S-1...but I dont know whether to get white or black...hmm.
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You could get the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR for $616 @zzsounds.com.
^if only that where true he can only get a blemished black one for that price he still needs to pay 799 for the new ones
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