The band and i are working on a new demo with some new songs this is what we have for one of em so far. Its kinda in suffocation sytle and we are going to add some more chords for a more brutal sound but were not there yet.

Tell me what you think so far ill crit 4 crit of coarse
The Ascent Of Mind.zip
it was a good idea...you should work a liltte more on it though and add some more variation

overall it has potential and some good conepts 7/10 so far
Bar 8 seems a bit odd to me (and when its repeated at the various stages afterwards)
It's not necessarily bad, but it kinda..sounds out of place to me
Other than that it looks pretty nice, look forward to hearing the whole thing!

I am not a metal guy at all, and not to much of a heavy metal either, more of a hard rock for me, but I find it quite ear pleasing. sounds rough, new, inovative. I like it.
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I don't really like it but i'm not into death metal. Too repetative and dark. definatley needs chords
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