Alright guys, so I decided to finish my first guitar. It's a strat style body, and I decided I wanted to do red and black checkers. This being my first guitar, I'm not quite so sure what I should be doing. Should I start with the red first then tape it up and do the black. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Yup, lighter colours, then darker colours. Do a really good job masking.
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Make sure there aren't any gaps under the edges of the mask/tape to prevent seepage of the Black paint. When you think they're snug, go through them again (pressing down).

After spraying the Black, wait, wait, wait and make sure it's dry before removing the mask/tape. Prior to even painting the Black, make sure you soak your fine grit sandpaper at least 24 hours - I use at least 1500. When the Black is dry, wetsand the demarcation lines/edges to ensure the Black is even with the Red ... so smooth you won't feel any lines, etc.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial on painting checkers?
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Depending on the dimensions of each square, I'd use the appropriate size for the tape. Or you could cover the entire area, already painted Red with painter's tape, draw the squares, then very, very gently cut the areas that will be painted Black.

Make sure that you don't cut through the relatively soft Red coat. Patience, patience, patience.