Im getting rid of some most of the stuff in my current rig. I want to down size a little bit cause right now the gear I have is impractical for my use. So here we go. I will have pics of everyhing up soon. All prices are negotiable.

Peavey Ultra 60 Head-Awesome amp, I had all it sent to a shop and all the connection were re-soldered and all the controls were cleaned and was given a full power test. 2 power tubes 4 pre-amp tubes, when I baught it up a couple months ago The guys said the pre-amp tubes were replaced when they got it in the store but the power tubes needed replacing but I never replaced them. 2 small spots were the tolex ripped off. $450-shipped or best offer. This things a tank.

Carvin 4x12-Probably not gonna sell it over the internet but Ill give it a shot. Its a V412B, 400 watts, 8ohms. $250-Shipped or best offer.

Boss ME-30-Awesome multi effects pedal 60 effects plus you can create or own. Phrase Trainer. Comes with adapter. $75-shipped or best offer.

12 ft monster cable-Monster cables are awesome. $25-shipped or best offer,
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Nah sorry not looking for trades like i said im looking to down size my rig but thanks anyways.
can i get some pics on the carvin amp? i might be interested.
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