Hey, I'm new here (been lurking for about 5 months)
I have a Squier CII Standard strat, and I got a question about GFS.
I Play: Skate-Punk (NOFX, Guttermouth, Ramones, etc.) Reggae and Ska/Punk (Sublime, Pepper, Op Ivy) And Alt/Rock (Nirvana, Weezer, RHCP)

I want a surf twang for the bridge, and a good ska/Frusciante neck sound
which GFS's would you recommend?


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Really? I never even considered "Texas" style pickups. (just figured they were more for SRV or country)
People may be able to help you out better in the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum or the Electric Guitar forum. And "Texas" pickups are usually just wound hotter than regular single coils. I think, personally, you should go with something more vintage, but I'm not a GFS pickup aficionado.
Hi, I'm Peter
What about the 'grey-bottom' 64 staggers?
They said they have a good surf sound, but what about ska?
I should mention, I have a Toronado GT HH (the one with the gnarly racing stripe)
So I use that for the humbucker required stuff
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I'd stay away from staggered ones, unless you use a wound G.
A pickup with flat pole pieces will yield a more even output response from all your strings.

I'd say it depends much more on the fretboard radius: if you have a flatter radius, you'll obviously not want staggered polepieces.
Can't go wrong from that site. Fast shipping, and the cheapest pickups sound awesome.
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