I know there have been alot of threads about this but i've looked and no-one else describe it this way.
So for the set up, I've been playing almost 3 years for at least 1hr every day never more than 3hrs in 1 day. I use light strings, but play acoustic as well so i have tough callouses. For the past mont maybe about twice a week ive experienced a horrible pain in my middle finger. It's the finger i use most w/ vibrato and one note-at-a-time lines. Like i said i have rough tips so it's not something like my fingers not being tough enough gause they definitely are. It feels like there is a needle going into my bone. It comes all of a sudden, and when i try to shake it off or keep playing it is impossible. I know the musle burn/finger tougening/strectching sensations and this is definitely not it any1 ever had this happen?
far out that sucks dude. I have no idea though you should talk to a doctor or something cause it sounds bad.
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the worst part is that it's all of a sudden, and i dont feel it coming so i cant stop before it gets bad. Whats crazy though is how the next day it will be fine, but if i try to play even 3 hours later it instantly comes back. When not playing however, it feels fine isnt that wild?
It's pretty wild, but what I'm about to suggest is even wilder. Why don't you take a break from guiter for a week? Not even that, maybe 3/4 days, then get back into your routine.

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=O maybe you have like.. minor artheritis, iunno. I heard guitar can cause that.
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=O maybe you have like.. minor artheritis, iunno. I heard guitar can cause that.

That would be in the joints.

I suggest you visit a doctor, or better yet, take a break for a couple days (it will be hard..) then try playing again, if there is still the pain, see the doctor.
I know what you're talking about and it happens to me sometimes. It's never lingered for more than a few minutes though. They've never stopped me from playing...

I don't know what it is or what causes them.

Good luck...
maybe you have such big callouses that pushing down hard would push the callouses int your muscle, similar to pushing your finger into a wall or similar.

seems unlikely, but you never know
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happened to me twice what i did is rest my hand a bit and apply some ice on it.. then the pain is gone...

i wonder what it is....
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yeah that hapens when i vibrato too much on my index finger, it hurts for a few hours after, but i just take a break for like a day and my finger returns to normal. I think it has something to do with the inside of your fingertip getting bruised from pressing to hard when you vibrato. Now i lay of on the pressure when i vibrato, and it hasn't happened since.
similar stuff has been happening to me lately... worst is somtimes my ring finger kinda cramps up and seems to lock position while doing alot of bending... only started happening when i switched to .13s tho so im gona switch back to a lighter guage.
This happens to me all the time. All i do is just take a break. Somtimes it takes a couple hours or maybe a couple days. Or somtimes when im working no somthing really hard ill just play throught the pain.
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Stop playing for several days, and don't use the finger for other things either. Then try to play, but take it easy, don't try to do a 1hr practice just yet. Do sessions of 15 min., then a short break. If the pain stays with you, and still feels like a needle is sticking into your bone. Then I would go to a good DR. ,That specializes in hands. You may have inflamed nerves, or something like a Seed Wort, which is very treatable.
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To put it in medical terms its called repetetive strain injury

Its caused by repeating a single movement or sequence of movements over and over again till it causes damage to the particular tendon or muscle in control

Take a break as everyones suggested, and use ice on the finger (numbs it), if the pains still going on you've seriously buggered it and you need to see a DR about it
it happend to me... alot of times

well my theory is... that when i get that kind of pain .. i push the string way too hard and i think when im practicing solo's i sometimes get it..

well the pain is removed in a day or two.. well if are so eager to play even tho it hurts.. you can still do it.. you have to ease the pain tho..
I got that a few times. Sorry but I have no solution = (
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maybe like u get on ur feet? the bits of bone poking ur skin?
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Sounds identical to what happened to my index finger. The doctor said it was called hyperextension, just pushing it a little too far. The solution was a week / week & a 1/2 of no playing. Torturous, but once I came back it was fine and I've never had trouble since.